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How to crack ICAR AIEEA UG Exam 2020.

As you know that ICAR board declared the icar ug 2020 exam date and National Testing Agency going to conduct this entrance exam on June 1st, 2020.

And application forms will also be available soon on but here in this post I am going to discuss with you some tips on how to crack icar ug exam in the last few months.

firstly let's talk about those students who are preparing for icar exam with PCA and ABC Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture and Agriculture, Bio, Chemistry.

Agriculture Sub Preparation: Time is less and you should focus on the important topic so here I am suggesting you some topics to cover :

Agriculture crops origin and their Botanical names, Seed rate of different-different crops, Major diseases of crops, important varieties of crops, states and countries rank in crops production, India's rank in crop production, Important agriculture acts like APMC act, Important agriculture days like 3rd December celebrated as an agriculture education day, icar agriculture research institutes location and their establishment years etc.

apart from this topic, there are many questions that can be made I can't cover everything in this post but I think these topics are sufficient to crack icar aieea ug exam. 

Physics and Bio Sub Preparation: if you are a maths student or science stream student then physics and Biology will not be a big hurdle for you but here I am suggesting you some youtube channels also for the non-science student so that they can do their preparation 1. Neela Bakore Tutorials - They are Ph.D. Holder, I think their videos are different from all other youtube channels 2. Physics wallah for Physics their videos can be understood by a non-sceince student they teach from beginner to advance level.

crack icar ug
Neela Bakore Mam - Channel

agriculture entrance exam 2020
Physics Wallah Sir- Channel 

Note: if you are a non-science student then don't try to go deep in physics, chemistry because the questions that are asked from physics and Chemistry are not tough in comparison to neet and other entrance exams.

icar exam is not much harder in comparison to IIT jee and neet so if you are preparing for this exam then its easy task for you to crack icar ug exam.

here I am suggesting you some chapter and topics of -  Physics, Chemistry, and biology that are mostly asked in icar ug exam:

Physics: Laws of motion, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, General Introduction to p-Block Elements, States of Matter, Atomic Physics, Kinematics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic waves, Units & dimensions, etc.

Maths: Binomial theorem and its simple applications, Coordinate geometry, Complex numbers, and quadratic equations, Sets, relations, and functions, Statistics & Probability, etc.

I am not suggesting you topics for biology Neela Bakore mam videos are sufficient to prepare for biology sub.

I hope this post will help you to crack the ICAR AIEEA UG Exam 2020 and do regularly visit ntaicar website to check out updates for the exam.

Note: The above information that is given by me is my personal opinion it's not guaranteed that by following this you can crack the icar ug exam.

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